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Lexington Fraternal Order of Firefighters

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Help Buy Toys

You can buy toys that ship straight to us.

The Lexington Firefighter's Toy Program has been here for 92 years. The mission is to provide toys for Lexington children. This started with firefighters repairing and building toys for kids that lived near the fire station. This program has grown over the years to provide toys for thousands of children in Lexington. Citizens donate money and toys to our program. We then allow families to sign up and toys for their children in time for the holidays. Thank you to all the Citizens in Lexington that have continued to support this cause.

Lexington Firefighters Toy Program Sign-up Information Page

Toy Program: Donations, Locations, and Informations

Toy Drop Off Points

1. Any Lexington Fire Station.  You can place toys in the blue bin located in the front of the fire stations.  

What Our Community is Saying

"Great group of professionals who do so much for the community. Goes above and beyond!"
Jimmy Acke
"I am so proud for my Grandson to be a Lexington Firefighter. Thank you for All you do!"
Kathy Self